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Tomatoes are consumed either fresh or processed. Velum Prime is a novel nematicide with fungicidal activity for use on potatoes, citrus, tomatoes, cucurbits, sweet potato and brassicas to help improve yield and quality. Tomatoes are scuffed and scarred when they rub against rough surfaces, such as bin boxes, packout cartons, dirty sorting belts, or even against each other, particularly when dirty. With unique mode of action of Belt is well suited as a tool within an anti-resistance management program for insect control. Scuffing and scarring are followed by pitting and browning, because the injured tissue dries out. Most recently, three novel tomato peeling methods were reported: infrared, ohmic heating and power ultrasound. This study considered a value chain analysis of tomato production and its related activities, conducted in Khartoum state, to perform financial analysis for the whole chain to assess the value added and profit margin distribution among the different actors. Pests like the deadly Tuta Absoluta has caused a havoc to tomato farmers in Zimbabwe. Empty packages well and perforate them, burn them at a place far from your residence and animal stables or bury them in a 30cm hole at 50 m away from any water body or throw them in a landfill dump while complying with local regulations. Nativo® is a new fungicide contains of two tried-and-trusted active ingredients with protective and curative activity. Avaunt insecticide is labeled for more than 100 crops and is effective against a broad spectrum of lepidopteran larvae such as cabbage looper, corn earworm, armyworm, peach twig borer and Oriental fruit moth as well as other difficult-to-control pests such as apple maggot, plum curculio, plant bugs and … Re-use prohibited. Belt belongs to a novel chemical family of substituted phthalic acid diamides that have avery broad Lepidoptera spectrum (Tuta absoluta, Spodoptera exígua, Helicoverpa armigera and Phytometra gamma). It has an excellent effect against Powdery mildew and a broad spectrum disease control for grapes, vegetables and fruits: At aw < 0.32, the values for Tg were >30 °C for both the pulp and peel, indicating that they were in the glassy state, with little molecular mobility. Peeling is one of the most important unit operations in tomato processing. This pest can reduce yields by 50% if not regularly monitored. Tomatoes have significant nutritional value and are an important source of lycopene, which is a powerful antioxidant that acts as an anti-carcinogen. Phytochemical stability was studied in dried tomato pulp and dried tomato peel stored at 30 °C with various water activity (aw) levels and related to glass transition temperature (Tg) and water mobility. Drying times ranged from 3 to 14 h for pulp slices, when conduction heaters were specified at 100 to 60 °C, and between 1 to 3 h for thin layers of tomato skins. Tomato ranks first among vegetable crops in terms of planted area, production and consumption. Spray chemicals like Ambligo, Belt, Trigard, Levo, Cartap hydrochloride or steward can be used. Velum ® Total Velum Total is the in-furrow solution for cotton and peanuts, providing wide-spectrum, long-lasting control of nematodes and early-season insects, like thrips. Tomatoes below about 60 degrees F scuff more easily than warm fruit. Vacuum belt drying (VBD) was used to produce powders (a w = 0.2–0.3) from tomato pulp and skin-rich fractions. Another pest called Leaf miner can be controlled using karate DDVP or Dimethoate.

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